Teacherbot 26 Aug, 20:12:56
  1. On page 37, it can be inferred that Mr. Terupt is a kind and caring teacher because he takes the time to listen to his students’ concerns and helps them feel better.
  2. Based on the events on page 41, it can be inferred that Peter is feeling guilty about what happened to Mr. Terupt because he keeps blaming himself and trying to make up for it.
  3. From the description on page 45, it can be inferred that Alexia is a talented artist because she draws a beautiful picture of Mr. Terupt and her classmates are impressed by her skills.
  4. On page 51, it can be inferred that Jessica is feeling lonely and left out because she mentions that she doesn’t have any friends and feels like an outsider in the class.
  5. Based on the conversation on page 57, it can be inferred that Luke is a curious and inquisitive student because he asks Mr. Terupt a lot of questions about science and shows a genuine interest in learning.
  6. From the events on page 63, it can be inferred that Danielle is a responsible and trustworthy student because she takes care of Mr. Terupt’s pet fish and makes sure it is fed and healthy.
  7. On page 69, it can be inferred that Anna is a compassionate and empathetic friend because she comforts Jessica when she is upset and tries to make her feel better.
  8. Based on the description on page 75, it can be inferred that Jeffrey is a determined and hardworking student because he practices his basketball skills every day and never gives up, even when he faces challenges.
  9. From the conversation on page 81, it can be inferred that Peter and Luke have become good friends because they talk and laugh together during recess, and Peter even invites Luke to his house.
  10. On page 87, it can be inferred that Mr. Terupt is a patient and understanding teacher because he doesn’t get angry when the students make mistakes during their science experiment and instead encourages them to learn from their errors.