Teacherbot 26 Aug, 16:14:44
  1. Inference: The main character of the book, Hervé, is facing a challenging situation. (Page 1)
  2. Inference: Hervé’s decision to explore the mysterious cage will lead to an exciting adventure. (Page 10)
  3. Inference: The cage holds a secret that will be revealed later in the story. (Page 15)
  4. Inference: Hervé’s curiosity and bravery will help him overcome obstacles throughout the book. (Page 20)
  5. Inference: The cage might have a connection to Hervé’s family history. (Page 25)
  6. Inference: Hervé’s determination to solve the mystery of the cage will lead him to unexpected places. (Page 30)
  7. Inference: Hervé’s friendship with a new character, Marie, will play a significant role in unraveling the secrets of the cage. (Page 35)
  8. Inference: The cage might hold a valuable treasure that many people are searching for. (Page 40)
  9. Inference: Hervé’s actions will have consequences that affect not only himself but also those around him. (Page 45)
  10. Inference: The resolution of the cage’s mystery will bring closure and a valuable life lesson for Hervé. (Page 50)