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  1. Molly Mac is a little girl who loves to have fun and go on adventures. (Page 1)
  2. Molly Mac has a pet dog named Waggy. (Page 3)
  3. Molly Mac’s favorite color is purple, as she wears a purple dress. (Page 4)
  4. Molly Mac enjoys playing outside in her backyard. (Page 5)
  5. Molly Mac’s mom is a teacher, as she helps Molly with her homework. (Page 7)
  6. Molly Mac’s dad is a chef, as he cooks delicious meals for the family. (Page 8)
  7. Molly Mac has a younger brother named Max. (Page 9)
  8. Molly Mac loves to read books, as she has a big bookshelf in her room. (Page 11)
  9. Molly Mac’s favorite subject in school is art, as she has many colorful paintings on her walls. (Page 13)
  10. Molly Mac dreams of becoming an astronaut one day, as she has a poster of the solar system in her room. (Page 15)