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  1. Inference: Patina, the main character, is a talented runner who takes her sport very seriously. (Page 3)
  2. Inference: Patina’s father is no longer in her life, as she mentions her mom being the only parent she has. (Page 5)
  3. Inference: Patina’s younger sister, Tiffany, has a physical condition that requires her to use a wheelchair. (Page 7)
  4. Inference: Patina’s mom works long hours to support their family, as she often comes home late from work. (Page 9)
  5. Inference: Patina’s mom is strict and expects her children to follow certain rules, as she scolds Patina for not wearing her good shoes. (Page 11)
  6. Inference: Patina feels a sense of responsibility towards her younger sister, as she helps Tiffany with everyday tasks like getting dressed. (Page 13)
  7. Inference: Patina’s coach, Coach T., believes in her potential as a runner and encourages her to push herself. (Page 15)
  8. Inference: Patina’s teammates, Sunny and Ghost, are supportive and friendly towards her, as they invite her to join them for lunch. (Page 17)
  9. Inference: Patina’s mother is worried about her daughter’s academic performance, as she mentions the importance of maintaining good grades. (Page 19)
  10. Inference: Patina’s love for running is a way for her to escape from the challenges and responsibilities she faces in her everyday life. (Page 21)