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  1. Inference: The animals on Manor Farm are unhappy with their living conditions and treatment by the humans. (Chapter 1, page 1)
  2. Inference: Old Major, the wise and respected boar, is seen as a leader figure among the animals. (Chapter 1, page 3)
  3. Inference: The animals dream of a future where they are free from human control and can live in harmony. (Chapter 1, page 5)
  4. Inference: The animals believe that humans are the root cause of their suffering and oppression. (Chapter 1, page 6)
  5. Inference: The animals are inspired by Old Major’s speech and start planning a rebellion against the humans. (Chapter 1, page 7)
  6. Inference: Snowball and Napoleon emerge as the main leaders of the animal rebellion. (Chapter 2, page 12)
  7. Inference: The animals successfully overthrow Mr. Jones, the farmer, and take control of the farm. (Chapter 2, page 15)
  8. Inference: The animals establish a set of commandments called “Animalism” to guide their new society. (Chapter 2, page 17)
  9. Inference: Snowball and Napoleon have different ideas on how to run the farm, leading to disagreements and conflicts. (Chapter 2, page 19)
  10. Inference: The animals are hopeful that their new life on Animal Farm will be better than their previous life under human rule. (Chapter 2, page 21)