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1. What did the people do once they flew away?
A. Visited relatives
B. Returned to the same place
C. Flew to freedom
D. Settled in new homes

2. How did the people become able to fly?
A. By a magical spell
B. Through scientific means
C. With a flying machine
D. By the power of their own dreams

3. How did the people react when they realized they could no longer fly?
A. With disbelief
B. With disappointment
C. With dismay
D. With confusion

4. What was the outcome of the people deciding to fly away instead of following the masters?
A. They were welcomed back
B. They were punished
C. They were not seen again
D. They were protected by magic

5. What did the people in the folktale do to test their ability to fly?
A. Jumped from tall buildings
B. Performed a ritual
C. Tried to fly a kite
D. Used their own wings

6.What was the main theme of "The People Could Fly"?
A. Equality
B. Power
C. Persistence
D. Freedom

7. What helped the people find the courage to fly away?
A. Faith
B. Music
C. Hope
D. Magic

8. What did the people take with them when they flew away?
A. Clothing
B. Food
C. Money
D. Nothing

9. What lesson did the people learn from their experience of flight?
A. To follow their dreams
B. To believe in the impossible
C. To never give up
D. To never trust anyone

10. What did the masters do to try and stop the people from flying away?
A. Destroyed the wings
B. Put up fences
C. Threatened them
D. Tried to capture them