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  1. What event marks the start of the Industrial Revolution?

A. Invasion of Britain by Napoleon B. Invention of the Steam Engine C. The Glorious Revolution D. The Great Fire of London

  1. What were factories like during the Industrial Revolution?

A. Pleasant and bright workplaces B. Chaotic, noisy, and dark C. Automated and free from human intervention D. They did not exist

  1. What were the most widespread jobs during the Industrial Revolution?

A. Farming and retail B. Accounting and farming C. Textile production and farming D. Mining and blacksmithing

  1. What changes occurred in family structure during the Industrial Revolution?

A. Large, extended families that lived together B. Nuclear families living in small apartments C. More women entering the workforce D. Fewer children in the household

  1. How did the population change during the Industrial Revolution?

A. It decreased B. There was no change C. It increased rapidly D. It only increased in cities

  1. What role did the enclosure movement play in the Industrial Revolution?

A. It promoted small-scale farming B. It conserved land for large-scale farming C. It pushed people off the land D. It created more jobs

  1. What happened to the price of food during the Industrial Revolution?

A. It went up B. It went down C. It stayed the same D. It fluctuated dramatically

  1. How did the Industrial Revolution impact the environment?

A. Pollution decreased B. Pollution increased C. Natural resources were protected D. Natural resources were depleted

  1. What was the Factory Act of 1833?

A. A law prohibiting the use of steam engines B. A law protecting workers’ rights C. A law requiring factories to close at night D. A law banning child labor

  1. What was the main purpose of the Coal Mines Act of 1842?

A. To restrict the hours miners could work B. To eliminate coal mines C. To reduce the price of coal D. To give miners more rights