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1. What is the name for the period of rapid industrial growth during the mid-18th to mid-19th centuries?
A. Industrial Revolution

2. Which area of England is known as the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution?
A. The North West of England

3. During the Industrial Revolution which resource became more important than ever?
A. Coal

4. What did the use of steam power allow industries to do?
A. Increase production

5. What type of machine was used to speed up the production of cloth during the Industrial Revolution?
A. The Spinning Jenny

6. What type of transportation method was made possible by the development of the steam engine?
A. Railways

7. The development of new sources of energy was vital to the success of the Industrial Revolution—which source was used prior to the introduction of coal and steam?
A. Wind and water

8. What did industrialization bring to communities during the Industrial Revolution?
A. Economic growth and job opportunities

9. The concentration of factories during the Industrial Revolution created a risk for workers—what was it?
A. Dangerous working conditions

10. What type of government policy was introduced during the Industrial Revolution to regulate working conditions?
A. The Factory Act of 1833