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  1. What is RAM?
  2. What is a motherboard?
  3. What is a CPU?
  4. What is an operating system?
  5. What is a graphics card?
  6. What is a hard drive?
  7. What is a software?
  8. What is a peripheral?
  9. What is a firewall?
  10. What is a browser?

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1. What is the function of Random Access Memory (RAM) in a computer system?
2. How does the motherboard facilitate communication between different hardware components?
3. Explain the role of the Central Processing Unit (CPU) in executing instructions and performing calculations.
4. Describe the purpose and functionality of an operating system in managing computer resources and running applications.
5. How does a graphics card enhance the visual performance and rendering capabilities of a computer?
6. Discuss the role of a hard drive in storing and retrieving data on a computer system.
7. Define software and explain its significance in enabling users to perform specific tasks on a computer.
8. What are peripherals and how do they expand the functionality of a computer system?
9. Explain the concept of a firewall and its role in protecting a computer network from unauthorized access.
10. Describe the features and functions of a web browser in accessing and navigating the internet.