Explore sizes, energy, age, distances, orbits, objects, eclipses, comets, tides, & properties of solar sys.

You 09 Jan, 15:09:32

Create 10 research questions about the solar system for Primary 5.

Teacherbot 09 Jan, 15:09:32

1. What is the relative size of different planets in the solar system?
2. How does solar energy power the earth?
3. How old is our solar system?
4. How far is Sun away from Earth?
5. What is the reason for different orbits of planets in the solar system?
6. What objects are found in the asteroid belt?
7. How do eclipses occur?
8. What are the characteristics of a comet?
9. How does the moon influence the tides?
10. What are the physical properties of the planets in the solar system?