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  1. Eccentric (p. 7) - Definition: unconventional or slightly strange; Sentence: Capricorn’s eccentric behavior often puzzled his classmates.
  2. Inconspicuous (p. 15) - Definition: not easily seen or noticed; Sentence: The new student tried to remain inconspicuous in the back of the classroom.
  3. Perplexed (p. 23) - Definition: completely baffled or puzzled; Sentence: The complex math problem left the students perplexed.
  4. Resilient (p. 34) - Definition: able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions; Sentence: Despite facing numerous challenges, the protagonist remained resilient and never gave up.
  5. Melancholy (p. 42) - Definition: a feeling of sadness with no obvious cause; Sentence: The rainy weather brought a sense of melancholy to the school.
  6. Impulsive (p. 57) - Definition: acting or done without forethought; Sentence: Capricorn’s impulsive decision to climb the tree resulted in a broken arm.
  7. Elusive (p. 68) - Definition: difficult to find, catch, or achieve; Sentence: The answer to the riddle remained elusive, even after hours of pondering.
  8. Peculiar (p. 76) - Definition: strange or odd; Sentence: The peculiar smell in the classroom made everyone wrinkle their noses.
  9. Reluctant (p. 83) - Definition: unwilling or hesitant; Sentence: The protagonist was reluctant to join the school play, fearing stage fright.
  10. Intricate (p. 95) - Definition: very complicated or detailed; Sentence: The intricate design of the puzzle required careful attention to solve.