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  1. Eccentric (Chapter 1, page 3) - Definition: unconventional or slightly strange. Example: “Miss Maudie was known for her eccentric gardening habits, often planting flowers in unexpected places.”

  2. Condescend (Chapter 1, page 6) - Definition: to show feelings of superiority; to talk down to someone. Example: “Aunt Alexandra would often condescend to Scout, believing her own way of doing things was superior.”

  3. Auspicious (Chapter 1, page 8) - Definition: favorable or promising success. Example: “Despite the gloomy weather, Scout felt that the first day of school was auspicious, as she made new friends.”

  4. Melancholy (Chapter 1, page 10) - Definition: a feeling of sadness or gloominess. Example: “Atticus had a melancholy expression on his face as he watched the trial unfold.”

  5. Taciturn (Chapter 1, page 11) - Definition: reserved or uncommunicative in speech; silent. Example: “Boo Radley was known for being taciturn, rarely speaking to anyone in the neighborhood.”

  6. Malevolent (Chapter 2, page 27) - Definition: having or showing a wish to do evil to others. Example: “The Radley house had a malevolent aura, making the children afraid to go near it.”

  7. Indigenous (Chapter 2, page 30) - Definition: originating or occurring naturally in a particular place; native. Example: “The mockingbird is an indigenous bird to Maycomb County, known for its beautiful songs.”

  8. Illicitly (Chapter 2, page 33) - Definition: in a way that is not allowed by law, rules, or custom. Example: “Jem and Scout were curious about what Boo Radley did illicitly inside his house.”

  9. Entailment (Chapter 2, page 35) - Definition: a legal situation regarding the use of inherited property. Example: “Atticus explained to Scout that the house they lived in was entailed, meaning it could not be sold or passed on to anyone outside the family.”

  10. Diminutive (Chapter 2, page 38) - Definition: extremely or unusually small. Example: “Scout was often called diminutive due to her small stature compared to her classmates.”