Teacherbot 15 Jan, 21:13:02
  1. Did you eat breakfast this morning?
  2. Did she go to the store yesterday?
  3. Did they call their grandparent last week?
  4. Did we finish our project on time?
  5. Did he ride his bike to work yesterday?
  6. Did they attend the meeting at the office two weeks ago?
  7. Did she visit her friend last weekend?
  8. Did he lose his cell phone last month?
  9. Did you take the train to school this semester?
  10. Did they buy a new car last year?
  11. Did she get a new job last summer?
  12. Did the school close due to the pandemic last spring?
  13. Did we go on vacation a few months ago?
  14. Did he find a better job last autumn?
  15. Did you watch the movie last night?
  16. Did she finish the race last week?
  17. Did they paint their house the other day?
  18. Did he fall off his bike yesterday?
  19. Did you win the contest last month?
  20. Did they go to the beach last summer?
  21. Did we go camping last winter?
  22. Did she clean the house two days ago?
  23. Did the company close the office last May?
  24. Did you eat ice cream last week?
  25. Did they buy a new house three years ago?
  26. Did she go to college four years ago?
  27. Did he visit the museum last April?
  28. Did you go to the park last Saturday?
  29. Did they celebrate their anniversary last October?
  30. Did she wear a hat last Wednesday?
  31. Did he take the bus last month?
  32. Did you buy a new car last Tuesday?
  33. Did they swim in the lake this past June?
  34. Did she go to the beach last Sunday?
  35. Did he go to the movies last Friday?
  36. Did you finish the project last January?
  37. Did they make dinner last March?
  38. Did she read a book two days ago?
  39. Did he start a new job last September?
  40. Did you plant a tree this past August?
  41. Did they run a marathon last November?
  42. Did she watch her favorite show the other day?
  43. Did your neighbor buy a new house last December?
  44. Did they go to the mall last Tuesday?
  45. Did you fly to Hawaii two weeks ago?
  46. Did she drive to work last July?
  47. Did he get a new job last year?
  48. Did you cook dinner last month?
  49. Did they go camping last spring?
  50. Did she write a letter last Thursday?
  51. Did he visit his grandparents last June?
  52. Did you wear a dress last Wednesday?
  53. Did they play soccer last summer?
  54. Did she go swimming at the lake yesterday?
  55. Did he sleep late last night?
  56. Did you help your neighbor last Saturday?
  57. Did they finish their project last April?
  58. Did she go to the movies last Friday?
  59. Did he take a trip last Sunday?
  60. Did you buy a new laptop two months ago?
  61. Did they experience a hurricane last November?
  62. Did she eat dinner at her favorite restaurant last Tuesday?
  63. Did he go to the bank last January?
  64. Did you start a new job last semester?
  65. Did they go skiing last spring?
  66. Did she take a holiday last October?
  67. Did he shave his beard last week?
  68. Did you sign up for classes last March?
  69. Did they get a new pet last May?
  70. Did she apply for a loan last August?
  71. Did he break his leg two weeks ago?
  72. Did you go to the store last winter?
  73. Did they go swimming last summer?
  74. Did she visit her family last New Year’s Eve?
  75. Did he move to a new house last June?
  76. Did you read a book last month?
  77. Did they swim in the pond last Wednesday?
  78. Did she stay up late last Thursday?
  79. Did he graduate from high school last year?
  80. Did you run a marathon last Saturday?
  81. Did they join a club three months ago?
  82. Did she go to the gym last Tuesday?
  83. Did he buy a new car last spring?
  84. Did you finish your project last fall?
  85. Did they go on a road trip last Sunday?
  86. Did she see a movie last Monday?
  87. Did he take a vacation last summer?
  88. Did you go to the library two days ago?
  89. Did they paint their room last February?
  90. Did she get a new job last December?
  91. Did he go to the beach last July?
  92. Did you try skiing last April?
  93. Did they travel to the mountains last August?
  94. Did she go horseback riding last Saturday?
  95. Did he complete the test last week?
  96. Did you send a letter last May?
  97. Did they buy a new house last June?
  98. Did she go for a walk this past Monday?
  99. Did he watch the game last Tuesday?
  100. Did you take a nap last Wednesday?