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1. In chapter 1, what were the main reasons given that Mr. Peters decided to take Alfie on a journey in time? (Retrieval)

2. Why did Mr. Peters want Alfie to help him with his time-traveling adventure? (Inference)

3. What did Mr. Peters leave with Alfie when they said their goodbyes before beginning their journey? (Retrieval)

4. How did Alfie contribute to getting them out of trouble when Mr. Peters used time travel too often in chapter 2? (Retrieval)

5. What clues can readers infer from chapter 3 about what is going to happen to Alfie and Mr. Peters on their adventure? (Inference)

6. What was the main reason that Mr. Peters wanted to time travel in the first place? (Retrieval)

7. What object does Mr. Peters give to Alfie in the beginning of their journey that he is not meant to use? (Retrieval)

8. What conclusion can readers draw about the dangerous of time travel based on the events in chapter 2? (Inference)

9. How does Alfie feel about the prospect of time traveling with Mr. Peters? (Retrieval)

10. What can readers predict will happen to Alfie and Mr. Peters in the future based on the events in the first three chapters? (Prediction)

11. In a few words, how could chapter 1, 2 and 3 be summarized? (Summarizing)

12. What kind of messages do the events in the first three chapters of Time Travelling with a Hamster give readers? (Inference)