Stuart monarchs ruled 17th century, Henry VII first Tudor, James I Stuart, Act of Union for unification, Henry VIII founder of Church of England, Hughite Calvinist Protestants, 1642 Civil War, Oliver Cromwell leader & Lord Protector, Charles II king, Mercantilism policy, Absolutism political sys.

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Create 12 questions for a year 8 lesson on the Stuart Britain. Give single word answers beneath the questions

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1. During which period did the Stuart monarchs rule?
______17th century_____

2. Who was the first King of the Tudor dynasty?
______Henry VII_____

3. Who was the first Stuart King?
______James I_____

4. What was the purpose of the Act of Union?

5. Who was the official founder of the Church of England?
______Henry VIII_____

6. What religion were the Hughite Protestants?

7. In what year did the English Civil War take place?

8. Who was the leader of the Parliamentarians?
______Oliver Cromwell_____

9. What title did Oliver Cromwell take for himself?
______Lord Protector_____

10. Who was the King after Oliver Cromwell?
______Charles II_____

11. What economic policy was implemented by the Stuart monarchs?

12. What political system developed during the Stuart period?