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  1. What is a noun? Give three examples of nouns.
  2. What is a verb? Give three examples of verbs.
  3. What is an adjective? Give three examples of adjectives.
  4. What is an adverb? Give three examples of adverbs.
  5. What is a pronoun? Give three examples of pronouns.
  6. What is a preposition? Give three examples of prepositions.
  7. What is a conjunction? Give three examples of conjunctions.
  8. What is a subject? Give an example of a subject in a sentence.
  9. What is an object? Give an example of an object in a sentence.
  10. What is a complete sentence? Give an example of a complete sentence.
  11. What is a fragment? Give an example of a sentence fragment.
  12. What is a run-on sentence? Give an example of a run-on sentence.
  13. What is a compound sentence? Give an example of a compound sentence.
  14. What is a complex sentence? Give an example of a complex sentence.
  15. What is the difference between a phrase and a clause? Give an example of each.

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Make this more complex

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1. Identify the noun in the following sentence: "The cat chased the mouse."
2. In the sentence "She is running," what is the verb?
3. Provide an example of a comparative adjective and explain its usage.
4. Rewrite the sentence "He ran quickly" using an adverbial phrase.
5. Replace the pronoun in the sentence "They went to the park" with a proper noun.
6. Write a sentence using a preposition to show location.
7. Combine the following sentences using a coordinating conjunction: "I like to swim." "I like to hike."
8. In the sentence "The dog barked loudly," what is the subject?
9. Identify the object in the sentence "She gave him a gift."
10. Create a complete sentence using a subject, verb, and object.
11. Rewrite the following fragment to make it a complete sentence: "Running through the park."
12. Correct the run-on sentence: "I went to the store I bought some groceries."
13. Write a compound sentence using a coordinating conjunction.
14. Construct a complex sentence using a subordinating conjunction.
15. Differentiate between a phrase and a clause, providing an example of each in a sentence.