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Chapters 1 & 2

1. What does the quote “time is a funny thing” reflect? (Retrieval)

2. How did Gareth choose what time period he was going to travel to? (Retrieval)

3. What did Gareth decide to do after learning that he could not come back? (Retrieval)

4. Why was Mr. Peterson surprised to see a hamster come out of the time machine? (Retrieval)

5. How did the chief scientist explain how the time machine worked? (Retrieval)

6. Infer why the chief scientist was not worried about changing the future.

7. Predict which time period Gareth is going to travel to in the next chapter.

8. Why does Gareth think time travelling is the only way for him to escape? (Inference)

Chapter 3

9. What happens when Gareth pushes the 30-MAY-198_ button on the time machine? (Retrieval)

10. When does Gareth realize he has made a mistake about the time setting? (Retrieval)

11. Explain why Mrs. Peters thought time travelling with a hamster was a bad idea. (Retrieval)

12. Infer why Gareth was so eager to stay with Wilbur.

13. Predict how Gareth and Wilbur are going to survive in the future.

14. Summarize how Gareth met the doctor with the help of Wilbur.

15. Why does the doctor explain that Wilbur would not be able to go back to the past? (Retrieval)