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1. How old is Albert's father in Chapter 1?

2. What does Mr. Peterson tell Albert to do in Chapter 3?

3. What job did Mrs. Hawking have before she retired?


4. How did Albert feel when he heard the news of Mrs. Hawking's death?

5. What type of person might Albert be described as based off of his meeting with Mr. Peterson in Chapter 2?

6. What might Mrs. Hawking be indicating with the phrase "traveling through time can have its consequences"?


7. What do you think will happen if Albert disobeys Mr. Peterson's instructions?

8. How do you think Albert will cope with the challenge of arriving in the past?

9. What do you think will be the result of Albert using the time machine?


10. Describe Albert's early meeting with Mr. Peterson.

11. Summarize how Mrs. Hawking explains the time machine's mechanics to Albert.

12. Describe the experience of the time machine for Albert in Chapter 3.

13. Explain why Mr. Peterson wants Albert to travel back in time.

14. Describe the conversation between Mrs. Hawking and Albert in Chapter 1.

15. Summarize how Albert adjusts to the idea of time travel in the first three chapters.