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1. What did Colin and Susan find while they were standing in the shadows of the old disused bridge (retrieval)?
2. What did Colin feel when the mysterious figure offered to help him (inference)?
3. What message did Colin and Susan deliver to Alderley Edge (retrieval)?
4. What did Colin and Susan find out about their strange and unexpected meeting in the woodlands (inference)?
5. Where did Colin and Susan go to spend the night (retrieval)?
6. What event did Colin and Susan witness during the night (retrieval)?
7. How did Colin feel when he and Susan escaped from their pursuers (inference)?
8. What did Colin and Susan discover as they searched among the ruins of the castle (retrieval)?
9. How did F Crompton respond when Colin and Susan revealed the message he had been given (inference)?
10. What does the title Weirdstone of Brisingamen refer too (retrieval)?
11. What was the object of the search for Colin, Susan and F Crompton (retrieval)?
12. What did Colin and Susan find inside the cave (retrieval)?
13. Based on the end of chapter 3, what might happen to Colin and Susan in the next few chapters (prediction)?
14. Summarize the primary events that occur during chapters 1, 2 and 3 (summarizing)?
15. What is the overall theme of the first three chapters of the book (inference)?