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1. Why does Joe's dad decide to make him a billionaire?
2. How does Joe's dad react to Joe's decision to get his fortune?
3. What does Joe's dad do to make sure Joe is remembered?
4. What is Joe's motive for giving away his money?
5. What is the reaction of the school children to Joe's clothes?
6. How does Joe feel about spending his father's money?
7. What is the thing that Joe's dad insists on buying for Joe?
8. What do Dave the Laugh and Lorenzo think of Joe?
9. What is Joe most worried about when he goes back to school?
10. Why did Joe's dad's friends think he was mad?
11. How does Joe feel when his plan works?
12. What change does Joe make to his school uniform?
13. How does Carroty Dave react when Joe gives him some money?
14. What does Joe give to charity?
15. Infer why Joe chose to stay anonymous when he donated the money?