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Chapters 1-3

1. What did Charlie Bucket's family eat for dinner the night before the chocolate factory opened?
2. What did Charlie Bucket find in the snow on his way to school?
3. Why did Charlie Bucket need to go to the candy store?
4. What were the four things Charlie Bucket liked most in the world?
5. What did Grandpa Joe tell Charlie about the history of Willy Wonka's factory?
6. What did Mr. Wonka allow the children to do in his factory?
7. What did Charlie find when he returned to his house after receiving the golden ticket?
8. According to Grandpa Joe, what kind of people visited the factory when it first opened?
9. How did Charlie's mother react when she learnt he had won a golden ticket?
10.How many children did Mr Wonka invite to the factory?
11.What did Grandpa Joe tell Charlie Bucket to buy with his money when he found the golden ticket?
12. What did Mike Teavee suggest they do with their golden tickets when they first received them?
13. What kind of substances did Violet Beauregarde chew?
14. What did Mr Wonka give Augustus Gloop after he became stuck in the pipe?
15. How did Willy Wonka know that there was someone in the chocolate room?