Alvin and his dad use a time machine to travel back & save dad's life while discovering secrets of dad's past & learning how to make a better future.

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Create 15 comprehension questions on chapters 1, 2 and 3 on the book time travelling with a hamster. Include retrieval, inference, prediction and summarizing questions.

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1. Retrieval: What is the name of the shop where Alvin and his dad visited to get a new hamster? (Answer: Best Pet)

2. Inference: Why do you think Alvin was so excited to travel back in time? (Answer: He thought it would be a great opportunity to save his dad from dying young.)

3. Retrieval: How old was Alvin when he went back in time? (Answer: 12 years old)

4. Prediction: What do you think Alvin and his dad will do during their time travel adventure? (Answer: They will visit moments in their past to try and alter the future.)

5. Retrieval: What did the box from Uncle Percy Telford look like? (Answer: It was a black wooden box with a bronze lock shaped like a star.)

6. Summary: Describe the character of Alvin's dad. (Answer: Alvin's dad is a caring, understanding and supportive father who always tries to do what is best for his son.)

7. Inference: What do you think will happen if Alvin and his dad can't change the past? (Answer: If they can't change the past, then the future will remain unchanged.)

8. Retrieval: What did the train look like that Alvin and his dad used to travel back in time? (Answer: It was a steam-powered train with a large metal funnel on top.)

9. Prediction: What do you think will be the most challenging part of time traveling for Alvin and his dad? (Answer: The most challenging part will be trying to alter the past and affecting the future without making any drastic changes.)

10. Inference: What do you think Uncle Percy gave Alvin to help him on his time traveling journey? (Answer: Uncle Percy probably gave Alvin a time machine or some sort of device to help him travel back in time and forward in time.)

11. Retrieval: What is the name of the book Alvin and his dad read to prepare for their journey? (Answer: They read a book called A History of Time Travel)

12. Summary: What did Alvin and his dad do before they started their time travelling journey? (Answer: Before they started their journey, they read books, practiced with the time machine, and made sure they were prepared).

13. Inference: What do you think Alvin will find out about himself and his dad when they travel to the past? (Answer: Alvin may learn some things about his dad's past that he never knew before and he may also gain some insightful knowledge about the future.)

14. Retrieval: What type of food did Alvin bring with him on the time travelling journey? (Answer: Alvin brought mostly non-perishable items like peanut butter, canned beans, fruit and granola bars).

15. Prediction: What do you think Alvin and his dad's plans are for when they are done travelling through time? (Answer: Alvin and his dad will most likely use the knowledge from their journey to help make a better future for themselves and their loved ones).