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Chapters 1-3 Retrieval Questions

  1. What college did Al’s father attend?

  2. What was the name of the hamster that Al’s grandfather gave to him?

  3. What did Al’s mother call her father’s datebook?

  4. What room in the house did Al’s father convert for a laboratory for his experiments?

  5. In Chapter 2, what order did Grandma Gladys insist Al put the pebbles in the bowl?

  6. What is the time and date of the arranged time travel in Chapter 3?

Inference Questions

  1. How did Al’s father feel when he found out Al had taken Gedney the hamster back in time?

  2. How did Al’s grandma show her love for Al and his grandfather?

  3. What are the implications of Al’s father changing the past?

Prediction Questions

  1. How will Al and Gedney’s time-traveling affect the future?

  2. What sort of new adventure will Al and Gedney embark on in their future experiments?

  3. What new discoveries will Al and Gedney uncover in their travels?

Summarizing Questions

  1. In brief, what was the purpose of Al’s father’s experiment?

  2. Summarize the events leading up to Al finding his grandfather’s datebook.

  3. How did the events of Chapters 1-3 demonstrate the bond between Al and his grandfather?