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Retrieval Questions 1. What sport does Al offer to take Gwendolyn to? 2. What is the name of the pet hamster that Al buys? 3. What kind of vehicle do Al and Gwendolyn use to travel in? 4. What does Al use to hide his time machine? 5. Who does Gwendolyn see in her vision from the past?

Inference Questions 1. What can you infer about Al’s time machine from the way he hides it? 2. What can you infer from the conversation Gwendolyn has with her parents about time travelling? 3. What can you infer about Al and Gwendolyn’s relationship from their interactions with each other? 4. What can you infer about the way Gwendolyn will react when she is confronted with difficult decisions?

Prediction Questions 1. Where do you think Al and Gwendolyn will travel to next? 2. What will Gwendolyn learn from her time travelling experiences? 3. What kind of adversity will Al and Gwendolyn face during their journey? 4. How will Al and Gwendolyn use their time travelling to help people in the future?

Summarizing Questions 1. Summarize Al’s plan to travel through time. 2. Summarize how Gwendolyn deals with the consequences of her time travelling. 3. Summarize the impact of Al and Gwendolyn’s time travelling on the present. 4. Summarize the actions Al and Gwendolyn take when they arrive in the past.