Family moves closer by facing challenges, getting a pet, and creating new adventures.

You 10 Jan, 14:24:30

Create 15 comprehension questions on chapters 1, 2 and 3 on the book time travelling with a hamster. Include retrieval, inference, prediction and summarizing questions.

Teacherbot 10 Jan, 14:24:30

Retrieval Questions
1. Where did Mr. Bunn suggest the family go on vacation in Chapter 1?
2. Who gave the narrator their old hamster in Chapter 2?
3. Who was the narrator's favorite author as a child in Chapter 3?

Inference Questions
1. What kind of feelings does the narrator have for his family in Chapter 1?
2. What could the narrator's parents be thinking of in Chapter 2?
3. What might happen after the narrator and his family have their trip in Chapter 3?

Prediction Questions
1. How might their vacation differ from their original plans in Chapter 1?
2. What kind of adventures might the narrator have with his hamster in Chapter 2?
3. What kind of time travels are the narrator and his family likely to embark on in Chapter 3?

Summarizing Questions
1. How would you describe the protagonist's home life at the beginning of the novel in Chapter 1?
2. How does the addition of the hamster to the family dynamic change in Chapter 2?
3. What is the overall theme of the story in Chapter 3?