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  1. What is the name of the protagonist in Carrie’s War? (Retrieval)
  2. What were two adjectives used to describe Mr. Evans’ house? (Retrieval)
  3. What did Carrie and the other evacuees do when they spot the German planes? (Retrieval)
  4. What can we infer about Nick’s character from the way he looks after Carrie? (Inference)
  5. What does Mrs Gotobed do for a living? (Retrieval)
  6. What part did the village play in the war? (Retrieval)
  7. How might things have been different for the evacuees if they had been sent to live in the city? (Inference)
  8. What was the overall message that was taken away from Carrie’s War by the end of chapter 1? (Summarizing)
  9. Why did Miss Evans lie to Carrie and the other evacuees about the reason they left their home? (Retrieval)
  10. What predictions can you make about the rest of the novel based on the events in chapter 1? (Prediction)
  11. What were two different types of people that the evacuees passed in the village? (Retrieval)
  12. What information can we discern from the way the villagers reacted to the evacuees? (Inference)
  13. What are the two emotions expressed by the evacuees on their first night at the village? (Retrieval)
  14. What does Carrie decide to do to deal with the death of her family? (Retrieval)
  15. What can be inferred from the way Nick handles the bleak situation the evacuees are in? (Inference)