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Retrieval Questions: 1. What were the names of the two children in the story? 2. Who was Carrie’s teacher at the village school? 3. What was the name of the village the children moved to? 4. What was the name of the evacuee that moved into the same room at the villa as the children? 5. What did Carrie do to make Miss Price cross?

Inference Questions: 6. What can you infer about Miss Price’s character based on the dialogue between her and the children? 7. How do you think the evacuee children felt when they arrived at the station? 8. What do you think the evacuees particularly enjoyed about the village?

Prediction Questions: 9. What do you think will happen next based on the description of the characters in the story? 10. What kind of challenges do you think the children will face during their stay in the village? 11. Who do you think will be Miss Price’s ally as the story progresses?

Summarizing Questions: 12. Summarize the first chapter in a few sentences. 13. How did the children feel when they arrived at the train station? 14. Why was Carrie unhappy at the villa? 15 What are the differences between the village and the city, based on the first chapter?