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Chapter 3 Questions:
1. What is the purpose of the break statement in a loop structure?
2. How can you use the cin object to read numbers from standard input?
3. What is the purpose of the modulus operator (%)?
4. How can you write a while loop to print the numbers 1-5 using a counter variable?

Chapter 7 Questions:
5. What is a function prototype and how does it differ from a function definition?
6. How can you call a function and pass an argument to it?
7. What is an overloaded function and how is it used?
8. How are pass-by-reference parameters utilized in a function call?

Chapter 10 Questions:
9. How can you define and use an object of the class string?
10. What is a constructor and how does it work?
11. What is the purpose of a member function in a class?
12. How do you declare a constant data member in a class?
13. How can you access a private data member of a class using a public member function?
14. What is the functional purpose of the keyword friend?
15. How can you determine whether an object has been declared of a certain class type?