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1. What does John Faa tell Lyra about the alethiometer?
2. How does Iorek save Lyra and Will from Bolvangar?
3. Who is Mrs Coulter in league with?
4. What is the animal daemon of the witch Serafina Pekkala?
5. What happened to the children who the experiments were done on at Bolvangar?
6. How do Will and Lyra get to the land of the dead?
7. What is the name of the bomb that John Faa has to surrender?
8. What does the Abomination do to make Lyra upset?
9. What is the prophecy that the witches are talking about at the end of part two?
10. What happens to the child that Mrs. Coulter is visiting at the end of the chapter?
11. How does Lord Boreal get to the land of the dead?
12. What does Lyra overhear behind closed doors at Bolvangar?
13. Why does Iorek behave differently towards Lyra in part two?
14. Why does Mrs Coulter oppose the idea of Lyra reading the alethiometer?
15. What does Lyra see during her dream when she wakes up on the boat?