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  1. What is cardiac hypertrophy and how does it occur as a result of aerobic training?
  2. How does increased left ventricle size and volume contribute to improved cardiovascular function during exercise?
  3. What is capillarisation and how does it benefit the heart muscle?
  4. How does aerobic training affect stroke volume of the heart?
  5. Compare the stroke volume of trained male endurance athletes to untrained individuals at rest and during maximal exercise.
  6. How does stroke volume impact an athlete’s ability to use oxygen and improve overall performance?
  7. How does aerobic training affect an athlete’s resting and submaximal heart rate?
  8. Explain why resting heart rate is considered a useful indicator of aerobic fitness.
  9. How does aerobic training affect heart rate during submaximal workloads?
  10. Describe the effect of aerobic training on heart rate recovery rates.
  11. How does cardiac output change during maximal exercise for trained athletes compared to untrained individuals?
  12. Explain the relationship between aerobic training and blood pressure.
  13. How does increased capillarisation of skeletal muscle benefit an athlete’s performance?
  14. What changes occur in blood volume as a result of regular aerobic training?
  15. How does increased blood plasma volume impact blood flow and oxygen delivery to the muscles?

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