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Q1. What is the name of the type of question shown in the example?
A1. Reasoning question.

Q2. What grade is the question intended for?
A2. Year 6.

Q3. What is the value of the number shown in the problem?
A3. 150.

Q4. What operation is used in this problem?
A4. Multiplication.

Q5. How many part questions are in the answer?
A5. 3.

Q6. What is the second part of the question asking?
A6. To compare two values using the given information.

Q7. How many steps does the problem feature?
A7. 3.

Q8. What is the value of the second digit in the answer?
A8. 6.

Q9. How many times is 150 multiplied by the second and third digits?
A9. 2 times.

Q10. What number is the highest in the problem?
A10. 450.

Q11. What number is the lowest in the problem?
A11. 150.

Q12. What is the equivalent for two-thirds?
A12. 0.66.

Q13. What is the equivalent for four-tenths?
A13. 0.4.

Q14. How many digits does the answer to the problem contain?
A14. 3.

Q15. What is the total value when two-thirds and four-tenths are added together?
A15. 1.06.