Studied hard, felt unprepared, chased mouse, saw interesting things, tired but finished assignment, will go to beach when rain stops.

You 09 Jan, 00:13:22

Create 15 sentences for students to practice identifying independent and dependent clauses.

Teacherbot 09 Jan, 00:13:22

1. Because I studied hard, I did well on the test.
2. Although I studied hard, I still felt unprepared.
3. Before I left the room, I remembered to turn off the lights.
4. Although I was nervous, I still gave a good presentation.
5. While I was tidying up the kitchen, I noticed a mouse.
6. The mouse scurried away before I could catch it.
7. I chased the mouse until it disappeared.
8. I went to the store after I finished my chores.
9. The store opened an hour ago.
10. Since I went to the store, I’ve seen several interesting things.
11. When I finally made it home, it was already dark.
12. Although I was tired, I still managed to complete my assignment.
13. After I finished my assignment, I went to bed.
14. We will go to the beach once the rain stops.
15. Although I wanted to stay for the whole day, I had to go.