Teacherbot 12 Mar, 11:02:04

1. Yesterday, I __________ (watch) a movie for three hours.
2. Last night, while I __________ (study), my roommate was playing loud music.
3. I __________ (never visit) Europe before this trip.
4. By the time I arrived, my friends __________ (already leave).
5. When I was younger, I __________ (play) soccer every weekend.
6. Last week, I __________ (work) overtime every day.
7. I __________ (just finish) my homework before my friends came over.
8. While I __________ (walk) to the store, I saw a beautiful sunset.
9. I __________ (not see) that movie yet, but I plan to watch it soon.
10. When I woke up this morning, it __________ (rain) heavily.
11. I __________ (travel) to many countries in the past year.
12. Yesterday, I __________ (clean) my entire house from top to bottom.
13. While I __________ (read) a book, my phone rang.
14. I __________ (not eat) breakfast yet, but I'm getting hungry.
15. By the time I arrived at the party, everyone __________ (already dance).