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Understanding Questions:
1. What is the theme of the poem After the Titanic?
2. Who are the characters in the poem?
3. Who is speaking in the poem “After the Titanic”?
4. Who is the narrator of the poem?
5. How many sections are there in “After the Titanic”?
6. What object is mentioned in the first section of the poem?
7. What is the significance of the sea and the iceberg in the poem?
8. What is the tone of the poem?
9. What is the ending of the poem?

Analysis Questions:
10. How does Derek Mahon use personification throughout “After the Titanic”?
11. How does the poet use imagery to create a sense of hopelessness in the poem?
12. How does the poet use metaphor to describe the shipwreck?
13. What kind of language does Derek Mahon use to create a sense of awe or terror?
14. What kind of structures does the poet employ to build up a sense of irony and sorrow in the poem?

Evaluation Questions:
15. What is the biggest strength of the poem “After the Titanic”?
16. What is the weakness of the poem “After the Titanic”?
17. Do you think the poem was effective in conveying the emotions of the event?
18. Does the poem reflect your thoughts and feelings on the tragedy?
19. Could the poem have been written differently to achieve a better effect?
20. What other poetic devices should the writer have employed to make his poem more powerful?