Various activities done in the past and present, including watching movies, traveling, running, eating, studying, reading, working, dancing, cleaning, swimming, playing, visiting, painting, camping, attending meetings, learning, taking walks, going on road trips, and cooking.

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Create 20 sentences with fill in a verb tasks for present perfect, past simple, past continuous with time modifiers

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1. Yesterday, I __________ (watch) a movie for three hours.
2. Last week, she __________ (travel) to Europe for the first time.
3. At 8 o'clock this morning, he __________ (run) for an hour.
4. Last night, we __________ (eat) dinner at a fancy restaurant.
5. This month, they __________ (study) for their final exams.
6. Yesterday afternoon, she __________ (read) a book in the park.
7. Last year, he __________ (work) at a startup company.
8. At 10 o'clock last night, they __________ (dance) at a club.
9. This morning, I __________ (clean) the entire house.
10. Last summer, she __________ (swim) in the ocean every day.
11. At 6 o'clock yesterday evening, he __________ (play) basketball with his friends.
12. Last month, they __________ (visit) their grandparents in the countryside.
13. This afternoon, she __________ (paint) a picture in her studio.
14. Last weekend, we __________ (go) camping in the mountains.
15. At 9 o'clock this morning, he __________ (attend) a meeting with his colleagues.
16. Last night, they __________ (watch) a scary movie together.
17. This year, she __________ (learn) a new language.
18. Yesterday, he __________ (take) a long walk in the park.
19. Last summer, they __________ (go) on a road trip across the country.
20. At 7 o'clock last night, she __________ (cook) dinner for her family.