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1. What year did Charles I become king? 1625
2. What religion was Charles I? Anglican
3. Who were Charles I's parents? James I & Anne of Denmark
4. What war occured during Charles I's reign? English Civil War
5. What document forced Charles I to sign in 1649? Instrument of Government
6. Who opposed Charles I? Parliament
7. Where was Charles I executed? Whitehall
8. Who was the leader of the Parliamentarians? Oliver Cromwell
9. Where did Charles I place his main base of operations? Oxford
10. When was the First Battle of Newbury fought? 1643
11. Who was Charles I's first wife? Henrietta Maria
12. What did Charles I build at Whitehall to impress his courtiers? Banqueting House
13. What did Charles I refer to as his 'Divine Right to Rule'? Royal Prerogative
14. How did Charles I defeat the Covenanters in 1640? Treaty of Ripon
15. Who wrote 'The King's Evil', an essay expressing disapproval of Charles I's policies? John Milton
16. Where did the House of Commons debate Charles I's impeachement? Westminster Hall
17. Who did Charles I appoint as the Lord High Steward to preside over his impeachment trial? Lord Digby
18. Where did Charles I flee to in 1647? Carisbrooke Castle
19. What Roman Catholic ceremony did Charles I perform in secret in 1625? Coronation Mass
20. How did Archbishop William Laudimplement Charles I's controversial religious policies? Prayer Book of 1637
21. What did the House of Commons pass in 1641 to limit Charles I's powers? Triennial Act
22. Who signed the Solemn League and Covenant with Charles I in 1643? Scottish Covenanters
23. How did Charles I raise money for his war effort? Forced loans & Ship Money
24. What role did Charles I's tactful foreign policy play in the Parliamentary victory during the Civil War? Little to none
25. Who replaced Charles I as leader of the Church of England? Oliver Cromwell
26. What action did Charles I take to strengthen his alliance with Spain in the early 1630s? Royal Marriage
27. How did Charles I's alliance with the Irish Catholic Confederacy backfire? Irish Confederates were defeated in 1642
28. Who wrote 'Eikon Basilike', a series of philosophical meditations written by Charles I during his imprisonment? Edward Hyde
29. What did Charles I do with regards to trade to help finance his war? Tariffs on imports and exports
30. What did Charles I fail to do which eventually led to his downfall? Make concessions to Parliament
31. How did Charles I view Parliament? Threat to divine right of kings
32. What did some people view Charles I's execution as? Martyrdom of a king