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1. Who was Charles I? King
2. What year did his reign start? 1625
3. What situation led to the English Civil War? Conflict
4. What were the opposing sides called? Royalists/Parliamentarians
5. What country was Charles I's father the King of? Scotland
6. Who signed the death warrant of Charles I? Oliver Cromwell
7. Who succeeded Charles I? Charles II
8. What year was Charles I beheaded? 1649
9. What type of government was Charles I looking to establish? Absolute
10. What type of government was eventually established after the English Civil War? Constitutional
11. What was the name of the religious war Charles I began? Wars of the Three Kingdoms
12. How many sons did Charles I have? 4
13. Why was Charles I unpopular with many? Religion
14. What year did he become King? 1625
15. How old was he when he became King? 25
16. What year was he crowned? 1626
17. What religion was Charles I? Anglican
18. What name was given to his daughter by his rivals? The Princess of Wales
19. What treaty ended the First English Civil War? Oxford
20. What became the symbol of the Parliamentarians? Roundheads
21. Why did Charles I take on financial responsibility of the Church of England? Took Control
22. Where did Charles I rule from? Whitehall Palace
23. Where did he flee to while being pursued by the Parliamentarians? Hampton Court
24. What was the name of the battle in which Charles I was decisively beaten? Naseby
25. What happened to the weapons of Charles I after the Battle of Naseby? Destroyed
26. What did Charles I suffer from that contributed to his unpopularity? Debts
27. What religious title did Charles I take upon himself? Supreme Governor
28. Who was Charles I's head of the army? Thomas Fairfax
29. What is the name of the statue of Charles I that stands in Trafalgar Square, London? Charles I on Horseback
30. What was the name of the treaty that ended the Second English Civil War? Newport
31. What type of taxation was Charles I most notorious for? Ship Money
32. Who was the executor of the death sentence of Charles I? Richard Brandon