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  1. Who was James I?
  2. A King of England and Scotland who ruled from 1603 to 1625.

  3. When did James I come to the throne?
  4. 1603

  5. What religion did James I practice?
  6. Protestantism.

  7. What was James I’s style of rule?
  8. Absolute monarchy.

  9. What books did James I write?
  10. ‘The True Law of Free Monarchies’ and ‘Counterblaste to Tobacco’

  11. What accomplishment did James I make to the country?
  12. He united England and Scotland into the Kingdom of Great Britain.

  13. What was James I’s foreign policy strategy?
  14. He tried to reduce English involvement in foreign policy and conflict.

  15. Who was James I’s wife?
  16. Anne of Denmark.

  17. What language did James I primarily speak?
  18. Latin.

  19. How many children did James I have?
  20. Seven.

  21. Did James I believe in religious tolerance?
  22. Yes, he believed in limited religious tolerance.

  23. What was James I’s relationship with the Parliament?
  24. It was strained, as James I attempted to rule over Parliament.

  25. Did James I introduce new laws or reforms?
  26. Yes, he made some laws and reforms for improving the justice system.

  27. Did James I believe in a divine right to rule?
  28. Yes, he believed he was appointed by God to be king.

  29. What was James I’s relationship with the Catholic Church?
  30. He was opposed to Catholicism and sought to suppress it during his reign.

  31. How did James I attempt to stop the spread of Catholicism?
  32. He passed the 1604 Act of Abjuration, which made it illegal for English Catholics to practice their faith publicly.