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1. When did the Stuart dynasty begin? (1603)
2. Who was the first Stuart king? (James I)
3. What type of government did James I introduce? (Absolute)
4. What religion was Charles I? (Anglican)
5. What was the main cause of the English Civil War? (Religion)
6. What was the nickname given to Oliver Cromwell's government? (Commonwealth)
7. What ended the Commonwealth? (Restoration)
8. Who was the new king to take the throne during Restoration? (Charles II)
9. Who wrote the Act of Settlement? (Parliament)
10. How did the Act of Settlement limit the power of the king? (Restrictions)
11.What caused tension between Charles II and Parliament? (Finance)
12. What was the Glorious Revolution? (Revolution)
13. Who overthrew James II during the Glorious Revolution? (William III)
14. Who did William III rule jointly with? (Mary II)
15. What did the English Bill of Rights state? (Rights)
16. What was one purpose of the Bank of England? (Currency)
17. How were the new colonies obtained? (Conquest)
18. What were the 3 main causes of the Jacobite Rebellion? (Religion, Land, Dynasty)
19. How did the Jacobite Rebellions end? (Defeat)
20. What was the goal of the Navigation Acts? (Trade)
21. How did the South Sea Bubble cause the downfall of the stock market? (Speculation)
22. Who challenged the legality of censorship in the Ashby vs White case? (John Wilkes)
23. What free African American colony was created in Sierra Leone? (Freetown)
24. What did Isaac Newton invent? (Calculus)
25. Whose works were used as the basis for the Literary Revolution? (John Dryden)
26. What caused the Great Fire of London? (Spark)
27. How did the Fire of London affect the skyline? (Reconstructed)
28. What did the Poor Law Amendment Act require? (Labour)
29. How many wars marked the reign of Queen Anne? (Nine)
30. Who wrote the Act of Union? (Parliament)
31. What did the Act of Union combine? (England and Scotland)
32. What did the Hanoverian dynasty emphasize? (Modernization)