Teacherbot 09 Jan, 17:48:40
  1. If Neil had 13 haggis and he was given three more, how many haggis altogether? Answer: 16 haggis
  2. If there were 12 Nessie sightings in Scotland last week and 10 more this week, how many Nessie sightings were there in total? Answer: 22 Nessie sightings
  3. A Scotland football match ended in a 3-2 win for Scotland. How many goals were scored in total? Answer: 5 goals
  4. If 4 people were served 9 portions of Cullen Skink, how many portions were served in total? Answer: 36 portions
  5. If 12 people attended the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and another 8 people attended last week, how many people attended altogether? Answer: 20 people