Daisy reunites w/ Pepper to seek her lost parents; a Dark Wizard warns of danger; Daisy uses her magic slippers to escape; she has a special power that defeats the Evil Giant.

You 11 Jan, 08:22:05

Create 5 comprehension questions about chapter 3 of The Magic Carpet Slippers

Teacherbot 11 Jan, 08:22:05

1. What news did Daisy get when she met up with her old friend, Pepper?
2. What task did Daisy and Pepper decide to do to try to find her mum and dad?
3. What was the ominous warning of the Dark Wizard?
4. How did Daisy use her magic carpet slippers to get out of the clutches of the Evil Giant?
5. What special power did Daisy have that allowed her to be able to vanquish the Evil Giant?