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1. A tailor needs to make a dress with 8 2/3 yards of fabric. If each bridesmaid needs a dress composed of 1 1/4 yards of fabric, how many bridesmaids can the tailor make a dress for?

Answer: The tailor can make a dress for 7 bridesmaids.

2. A chef needs to bake a cake using 5 4/5 cups of flour. If each cupcake requires 1/3 cup of flour, how many cupcakes can the chef make?

Answer: The chef can make 17 cupcakes.

3. An interior designer is creating a wallpaper design that requires 5 1/4 rolls of wall paper. If each room requires 1 1/2 rolls, how many rooms can the interior designer cover with the wallpaper?

Answer: The interior designer can cover 3 rooms with the wallpaper.

4. A carpenter is making a bookcase that requires 8 7/8 boards of wood. If each shelf has 4/5 of a board, how many shelves can the carpenter make?

Answer: The carpenter can make 17 shelves.

5. A plumber needs to install 1 1/8 pipes for a house. If each pipe requires 2/3 lengths of pipe, how many lengths of pipe does the plumber need?

Answer: The plumber needs 3 lengths of pipe.