Tufan, Sulayman, Najmabad Hospital, shoemaker, job/spice mkt= nervous. Police=jail.

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create 5 questions from the golden horsemen of baghdad on chapter 1 and 2 with answers and page numbers including at least two inference questions and a true or false table question

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Question 1: Who is Tufan's best friend?
Answer: Tufan's best friend is Sulayman. (Page 8)

Question 2: What is the name of the Muslim hospital Tufan visits?
Answer: The name of the Muslim hospital Tufan visits is the Najmabad hospital. (Page 13)

Question 3: What does Tufan's father do for a living?
Answer: Tufan's father is a shoemaker. (Page 10)

Question 4: True or False: Tufan is forced to take a job to help provide for his family.
True (Page 11)

Question 5: Infer why Tufan is nervous working in the spice markets?
Answer: Tufan is likely nervous working in the spice markets because he is afraid of getting caught by the police and put in jail. (Page 13)