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Title: Exploring Ecosystems

Objective: To understand the concept of ecosystems and the interdependence of living organisms within them.

Instructions: 1. Access the provided OneDrive folder and open the “Exploring Ecosystems” document. 2. Read the information provided on the first page about ecosystems and their components. 3. On the second page, you will find a list of different ecosystems. Choose one ecosystem that interests you the most. 4. Research and gather information about your chosen ecosystem using reliable sources such as books or websites. Take notes on the following aspects: a. Location and climate of the ecosystem b. Types of plants and animals found in the ecosystem c. Adaptations of plants and animals to survive in the ecosystem d. Human impact on the ecosystem (if applicable) 5. Create a new page in the document and organize your notes under appropriate headings. 6. Include at least one image related to your chosen ecosystem on the same page. 7. On the next page, write a short paragraph explaining why you find your chosen ecosystem interesting and what you have learned from your research. 8. Save the document and submit it to the provided OneDrive folder.

Grading Criteria: - Completion of all assigned tasks (10 points) - Accuracy and organization of research notes (10 points) - Inclusion of relevant image (5 points) - Quality of the paragraph explaining personal interest and learning (5 points)

Note: Remember to use your own words when taking notes and writing the paragraph. Plagiarism will result in a deduction of points.