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1. What were Helen and Tilly looking for when they went through the cat flap? (Answer: They were looking for Tintin)

2. How did Helen try to get Tintin to come home? (Answer: She called to him, she blew a whistle and shook a packet of cat treats)

3. What did Tilly do that made Tintin's ears twitch? (Answer: She meowed)

4. According to Mr.Cat, who would help Tintin find his way home? (Answer: His whiskers)

5. What did Tintin find at the paper shop? (Answer: A sign for "Moggy Missing")

6. What city was Tintin lost in? (Answer: London)

7. Predict what will happen in the next chapter. (Answer: Tintin will continue searching for his way home and will meet different cats along the way)

8. Summarize what has happened in the story so far. (Answer: Helen and Tilly followed Tintin through the cat flap and discovered he had been missing for several days. They tried to get Tintin to come home by calling to him and shaking a packet of cat treats. Tintin eventually led them to the paper shop, where they saw a sign for "Moggy Missing" and realized he was lost in the city of London.)