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1. What does Raffles find in the garden when he first arrives at the Davenports'?
Answer: Raffles finds a black and white cat with green eyes looking back at him.

2. What does Mrs. Davenport think of Raffles?
Answer: Mrs. Davenport is instantly taken with Raffles and she believes he is friendly and gentle.

3. What is the event that Raffles takes when the family leaves for London?
Answer: Raffles takes advantage of the family's absence to explore more of the garden and the house, giving him free reign with his new found ability of navigating via the cat flap.

4. What item does Raffles steal while exploring the house?
Answer: Raffles steals a watch when exploring the upstairs of the house.

5. What does Raffles notice before escaping through the cat flap?
Answer: Raffles notices two men entering the house just before he escapes.

6. What does Mrs. Davenport promise the whole family when they return from London?
Answer: Mrs. Davenport promises to get a cat flap installed so Raffles will always able to come and go as he pleases.

7. Prediciton: What do you think will be the consequences for Raffles stealing the watch?
Answer: Raffles will most likely be found out and confronted about the watch he stole, and he will probably have to give it back.

8. Summarizing Question: Quickly summarize what has happened in the first two chapters of Through the Cat Flap.
Answer: In the first two chapters of Through the Cat Flap, Raffles meets the Davenports and quickly charms them with his personality and friendly, gentle demeanor. He takes advantage of their absence in London to explore the house and garden via the cat flap, and steals a watch while inside the house. Just before escaping, Raffles notices two men entering the house, which he escapes from. Mrs. Davenport promises everyone that a cat flap will be installed so Raffles can come and go as he pleases.