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1. What idea did Isatou Ceesay have to reduce plastic waste? (Retrieval question)

2. How did Isatou Ceesay help to improve the health of her community? (Retrieval question)

3. What can we learn from Isatou Ceesay's example? (Inference question)

4. How did Isatou Ceesay convince the other women of her village to join her cause? (Retrieval question)

5. Why was Isatou Ceesay's journey to becoming an environmental champion so successful? (Inference question)

6. How could similar efforts be replicated in other countries facing similar problems? (Prediction question)

7. How does this story demonstrate the power of a single person to make a difference in their community? (Summarizing question)

8. What lessons can we draw from Isatou Ceesay's example to inspire us to take action against plastic pollution? (Summarizing question)