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  1. Which monarch reigned in Britain during Stuart Britain? A. George I B. Henry VIII C. Queen Victoria D. Charles I

  2. What language did James I try to make official in Scotland? A. French B. Gaelic C. English D. Latin

  3. Who founded the Bank of England? A. William III B. Charles I C. James I D. William of Orange

  4. Who was the most influential philosopher of the era? A. Thomas Paine B. Edmund Burke C. Isaac Newton D. John Locke

  5. What was the name of the major civil war during Stuart Britain? A. Jacobite War B. Thirty Years War C. War of Spanish Succession D. English Civil War

  6. What type of government did Charles II establish? A. Absolute monarchy B. Constitutional monarchy C. Dictatorship D. Parliamentary democracy

  7. Who was the last ruling monarch of the dynasty? A. James I B. Charles II C. William and Mary D. Queen Anne

  8. What crop became a major export in Stuart Britain? A. Corn B. Cotton C. Tea D. Wheat