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1. What type of coastline is typically affected by coastal erosion?

A. Tropical
B. Dry
C. Subtropical
D. Rocky

2. What is a headland?

A. A narrow ridge of rock or sand
B. A deep body of water
C. A large waterfall
D. A high rocky headland

3. What type of landform is created by coastal erosion?

A. Cliffs
B. Islands
C. Sand bars
D. All of the above

4. What is a sea arch?

A. A deep ocean depression
B. An area of marsh land
C. A large waterfall
D. A naturally formed archway through a coastline

5. How does coastal erosion affect the coastline?

A. It widens the beaches
B. It creates high cliffs
C. It increases coastal flooding
D. It reduces the rate of sea level rise

6. What is a stack?

A. An island created by an eroding sandbar
B. An isolated rock formed from an eroding headland
C. A small island created by an eroding sea arch
D. A mound of sediment created by water movement

7. What is beach erosion?

A. The process of sand and sediment being deposited on a shoreline
B. The process of sand and sediment being eroded on a shoreline
C. The process of water creating a beach
D. The process of beach maintenance

8. What is a spit?

A. A deep water depression
B. A deposit of sand and sediment jutting out from a coastline
C. A deep underwater trench
D. An isolated rock formation