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  1. Which of the following is a natural cause of climate change?

A) The combustion of fossil fuels B) Volcanic eruptions C) Deforestation D) Automotive exhaust

  1. What is the greenhouse effect?

A) The burning of fossil fuels B) A trapping of radiation by the Earth’s atmosphere C) The destruction of the ozone layer D) Species extinction

  1. What is the primary cause of the Earth’s warming climate?

A) Greenhouse gases B) Solar activity C) Volcanic eruptions D) Ozone depletion

  1. How do changes in Earth’s orbit affect the climate?

A) By affecting the rate of snow accumulation B) By affecting the intensity of solar radiation C) By affecting the amounts of volcanoes D) By affecting wind patterns

  1. What is the most significant natural cause of climate change?

A) The greenhouse effect B) Solar variation C) Volcanic eruptions D) Ozone depletion

  1. Which gas present in the atmosphere contributes most to the greenhouse effect?

A) Carbon dioxide B) Nitrogen C) Oxygen D) Methane

  1. What is the effect of increasing levels of greenhouse gases on the climate?

A) Increased evaporation B) Faster movement of air masses C) Higher temperatures D) More frequent storms

  1. How is the burning of fossil fuels responsible for climate change?

A) It emits ozone-depleting chemicals B) It releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere C) It destroys the ozone layer D) It reduces wind speeds